Neu: Dexter - Sunday Jazz (Pt. 2/ Mixtape)


Obba Supa - W​.​I​.​D​.​E. released by Sichtexot

Greetings to London! :)

The akronym »W.I.D.E.« stands for »Window Into Dark Edits«. The name of the new Obba Supa EP speaks for itself. Friends of the London duo are used to such images, created with their music. The recent release of the album »FOR:AM« soundes dark and spheric, too. Nevertheless, producer Hey!zeus.i had ellaborated a warm and organic sound, while »W.I.D.E.« sounds stone cold and lost. Strong delay fx on the vocals and synthetic drum sounds dominate the slow but yet intensive arrangements. Connecting those elemets, the five track EP crosses genre borders, mixing Industrial with Boom Bap and Cloud Rap. The lyrics of the duo perfectly fit into the dark soundscape: Teknical Development and Hey.zeus.i present a soundtrack to a dystopian World, ranging somewhere in beetween a nightmare and urban realities.

 »W.I.D.E.« will be the first part of a three piece EP series by Obba Supa that will be released via Sichtexot. »W.I.D.E.« will be available on 12” vinyl and digital on April 24th.

Lazy Kush and Candy Haze by MettphoniC

"36 minutes pure MettMix ... just beats made by lacy kush and candy haze"

JR&PH7 X Chuuwee X Blu - DueYuu (Brenk Sinatra RMX)

HolyMoly. Was ein Beat / Remix!

Mos Marciano by HTN

Nice Idee.
All Beats are produced by Roc Marciano, Lyrics by Mos Def.

Scarf Face - The Homebox Snippet (by Dj Grazzhoppa)

Das Snippet ist da! Ganz klar eine Vinyl für die Sammlung. ScarrrfFace!

RMX 2 by HTN - Remix Sheesh

Dope Sheesh aus Hamburg! - ʞр
This is the second release of the "HTN - RMX" compilations. This release sets the focus on the east coast. @ Soundcloud @ Facebook

Dezi Belle Compilation I by Dezi-Belle

Mastering by B-Side & Werner Niedermeier

Mein Lieber Prost x Scarf Face made by Pretty Dirty™

Mein Lieber Scarf / ProstFace (Special Edition making of) RSD 2015 A Pretty Dirty™ Document /// Record Store Day 2015 /// Mein Lieber Prost Ausstellung 'One Fine Line' 23.04.2015 /// Music: 'Bloom' & 'Bloei' taken from the forthcoming release 'Scarf Face - The Homebox' coming soon on Vinyl Digital

Metal Fingers - Peach Extract

Eastwestsessions Live Stream am kommenden Freitag

Eastwestsessions Live Stream am kommenden Freitag um 22:00 Uhr
auf http://skyroomlive.com w/ Comfort Fit and Galv.

Jeep Beats Vol.2 Mix by Falk-Schacht

Jeep Beats Vol.2 Mix by Falk-Schacht - Listen here.
1:14:00 min. Für die Jeeps! / Artwork by Krekpek

Southside, Queens. Feat. Blu & Elle Pierre (prod. King I Divine)

Word. Pass the Dutch

Neu: Sincere EP by Moods

Sincere EP is the debut release by Dutch beat maestro Moods on Boogie Angst. Fusing tight hip hop production styles with warm analogue electronica has brought Moods to the attention of key tastemakers like Majestic Casual and led to him remixing Jordan Rakei, Kraak & Smaak and Catching Flies.

Space Cake Scenario from Worlds Falling Apart by Comfort Fit