Sean Price | Haraam

Exclusive Interview | Flint

When Flint began writing, the message that followed his name was as important as the signature itself. Inspired by advertising culture of the 60’s Flint saw each slogan as an opportunity to imbue his name with added attitude and flair. Throughout the 70s Flint ran with some of the greats from the pantheon of graffiti history including Tracy 168 and LSD Om, with whom he founded the crew The Rebels. Everywhere Flint went, not only did he keep a marker with him, but he carried his camera as well, granting him the ultimate insider access... more after jump. Interview - via 12ozprophet

The Jealous Guys X Lunice "Bus Stop Jazz"

audio88&yassin | zweite weltmusik

I hate hate. Oder vielleicht 2 auf die man sich verlassen kann.
Man kann auch Musik ohne Maske machen - Quadratur des Dreiecks! :)

Der Plusmacher feat. Pierre Sonality | Kassenschluss

Profit ist alles. 28.11.2012 | Der Plusmacher Album. Das wird gut.

Lo - Meine Musik | prod. von RazOne

Richtig gutes Ding.
Text: Lo | Beat: RazOne | Video: Colin Orel, Markus Wielens, Rob For Real

Biggie Smalls - Think Big Remix | prod. by Chief Chiko

I hit up in that ass everytime Lyrically I'm untouchable,uncrushable Gettin' mad blunted in the six hundred Benz ask your friends, "Who's The Illest?"