Killer Mike & EL-P | Run The Jewels

New Mixtape out now! Free Download
Features kommen von Big Boi, Prince Paul und Until the Ribbon Breaks. 

Tales From The Crypt | Dave Sparkz

[Limited Cassettes] Tales From The Crypt

Sublime high quality cassette tape made with love and shipped by Urban Waves with original artwork by Alex Brade. The tape sounds so good, even better than the digital! This is a short pre-order will start shipping next week from the 24-25th June.

A fantastic new beat tape created by Dave Sparkz and proudly brought to you by Radio Juicy!

Beats by Dave Sparkz | Artwork by Alex Brade

EP One | Marian Tone

Neue EP von Marian Tone (@Soundcloud)

Another Point Of View | Moods

Neue EP von Moods

The Luv Bug (Deluxe Version) by 1773 x Trishes

Am Sonntag in Berlin getroffen auf dem Beatgeeks Open Air im Rosengarten.
Danke Trishes für die dope LP! Grüsse aus Berlin.

Trishes @ Soundcloud


1773 x Trishes Bandcamp

New: Freddy Bracker | The IsoStar

New: MecsTreem | DieSchönstenBahnstrecken...

boombap.org | The Workspaces Compilation 2LP - øut Now!

Checkt die LP von boombap.org !

Ein rundes Ding was man nicht verpassen sollte.

The Beep, Brous One, Hieronymuz, Keor Meteor, Torky Tork, Sterio, Morlockko Plus, Jimbo Matsumoto, Errol Barnes, Brenk Sinatra, Telemachus, Twit One, Plastic Surgeon, Kurt Kauzig, Retrogott, Steezo, Hulk Hodn, Maxwell Ferry, Rob Who, Hade, Anatol Atonal, Grup Ses Beats, Lazy Jones, Rufus Grimes, Beatvadda, Figub Brazlevic and Memyselfandi.

"After “nearly” one year after the initial news, i am more than proud to present the first volume of the Workspaces Compilation. First of all I would like to thank all the beatmakers who took part on this adventure! I am overwhelmed from the love and willingness to cooperate from anyone who i contacted. This compilation wouldn’t be possible without the support of your great work!" - boombap

Artwork by AlexBrade.de.

Vinyl copies are exclusively available at HHV.de