Neu ➥ Smif N Wessun - Chrystal Stair feat.Talib Kweli (Robot Orchestra Remix) // ʞр

Ein ʞр Exclusive Remix für Krekpek von Robot Orchestra ab jetzt auf Soundcloud!
Grüsse und ein Danke nach Cologne! Anhören.

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Artwork by ʞр

Release ➥ MecsTreem - AA3C2TR33AA | B34T2

Endlich hier ist es das neue Beattape von MecsTreem! Schaut euch den Trailer an und ladet euch das Tape. Das Ding gehört aufjedenfall in die Sammlung und macht Vorfreude auf seine bald erscheinde Vinyl!

Download now here ➥ mecstreem.bandcamp.com

"When I was institutionalized, my brain was studied exhaustively in the guise of mental health. I was interrogated, I was x-rayed, I was examined. Then, they took everything about me and put it into a computer where they created this model of my mind. Yes! Using that model they managed to generate every thought I could possibly have in the next, say, 10 years. Which they then filtered through a probability matrix of some kind to - to determine everything I was gonna do in that period."

Artwork by Krekpek 

Neu ➥ FloFilz Zuckerhut (One4WunTwo) / Gullskit

Neu ➥ Reykjavík by The Beep

Neuer Release von dem Label Sichtexot. The Beep released ein sehr gutes Stück Musik. "„Reykjavik“ is a soundtrack for the cold, inspired of idyllic Iceland and solitary nights at the home studio." - Grüsse an The Beep!

MecsTreem präsentiert AA3C2TR33AA | B34T2- Beattape Digital Release

Mittwoch diese Woche kommt ein neues Beattape von Mecs Treem 
namens "AA3C2TR33AA | B34T2" Supported by Krekpek

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Artwork by Krekpek

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ʞр ➥ Los Angeles. by Benedikt

M.V.P. (DJ Roughmix Edit) - Big L x Mafegi // ʞр

Ein doper DJ Roughmix Edit - Big L auf den Ginchilla Beat
by mafegi von dem AUDIØDOPE 02 | Krekpek Exclusive!

Reign Showers by King I Divine

released 13 August 2013 Produced By King I Divine

HitYaWitThat - Mix # 5 - Part # 1 by BeatPete

20 Min. Mix by BeatPete - Strictly Vinyl BeatPete @ Facebook

DAM FUNK | The Future of Modern Funk Mix

45 minutes of fat synthesizers and electronic funk mixed by the contemporary master of the genre himself, Dam-Funk. Originally broadcast on Mary Anne Hobbs' program on BBC Radio 1